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Ayzha and Kaurynel

Updated: Feb 18, 2023

Name: Ayzha

Age: 72 years

Gender: female


Height: 5'4"

Personality: Ayzha's personality is known to be fierce, fiery and, most of the time, very secluded. Because of her past and hatred of all things human related, Ayzha almost never speaks. When she does, it's often a quip remark or stinging retort in her own language. She is a very mis-trustful person, but also very loyal once she opens herself to anyone. Aside from being angry, mute and reclusive, Ayzha is also a very powerful mage. Like Mystic, she has a high intelligence and uses it to better herself in all things magic related. She has developed a love for reading and arguing theory over the years.

Description: Blonde hair, green eyes, pale skin. Ayzha is a short, spindy girl, typical of her race. Her features are pale and smooth, and combined with her rail thin build, gives her the likeness of a young tree. THer skin is a soft, cream colour, barely darkened by the tropical atmosphere of the Warren. Long, glossy locks of golden-blonde hair hang down to her lower back, altered only by the aqua streak on the left side of her face, near her temple. The pointed tips of her ears match the line of her thin brows, sharp and angular. She prefers to dress in light, airy fabrics that do not restrict her movements or bind her legs.



Name: Kaurynel

Age: 32 years

Gender: female

Breed: Icarian drake

Colour: fire opal

Size: 6' at the shoulder

Abilities: fire breath, telepathy, teleportation

Personality: Calm, patient, mothering. Kaurynel is the night to Ayzha's day. Where her bond is quick to anger and slow to trust, Kaurynel can make a friend with a smile and has never raised her voice in her life. She is a compassionate soul who always believes in the good of those around her. She is also very protective of Ayzha and will hit anyone who harms her with the most disapproving of motherly disapproval stares.

Origin: Mi'ihen Castle

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